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US Naval Academy

Photos by

John C. Kelly

US Naval Academy Chapel

Chapel at US Naval Academy in twilight hours

Chapel with winter trees

Naval Academy Chapel

Chapel interior perspective

Naval Academy Chapel in twilight hours

Chapel with twilight glow

Naval Academy Chapel Alter Panorama

Chapel podium and altar Christmas

Chapel podium and altar 1

Chapel at the US Naval Academy

Chapel with front view

Mahan Hall

Mahan Hall canon distant

Mahan Hall canon closeup

Mahan Hall front view 1

Mahan Hall front view 2

Midshipmen and Formations

Noon Formation

Statue of Tecumseh

Flag Raising

Preparing to raise flag

Blue Angels at the USNA

Six-Jet Delta Formation

Blue Angels Arc

Blue Angels Climb

Blue Angels Fan

Blue Angels thrill the boaters

Blue Angels salute the chapel 1

Blue Angels salute the chapel 2

Fat Albert 1

Fat Albert flying low

Fat Albert 2

Blue Angels Delta Formation 1

Blue Angels Delta Formation 2

Blue Angels Delta Formation 3

Blue Angels upside down

Blue Angel steaks upward

Blue Angels Rollover