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A great photo requires that a dozen decisions be made instantaneously. Where is the light? Where are the shadows? Does the background enhance the image? How much sky should I include? Where do I want to position critical elements? How can I capture emotion in a still image? What angle will give the best effect? Are any critical elements overlapping? What depth of field will work best? What can I include to give the photo a sense of place and time? Do I want to stop motion or blur motion? What are the critical foreground elements? Am I cutting off hands, feet, or other critical elements? What is the focal point? Is the focal point clearly represented? Where are the leading lines? Is the periphery clean?

Ultimately, what feeling am I trying to capture in this photo.

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Everybody loves a beautiful sunrise or sunset, and it is probably the most photographed event in nature. The challenge, however, is to give the sunrise/sunset a sense of place. A beautiful sunrise or sunset over the water can be taken in any of million different locations. To make the photo memorable something must be included in the foreground that creates interest and, ideally, is unique to the place where the photo was taken. Of course, of course, of course, there are exceptions. a stunning cloud formal with radiating sun beams can take your breath away.

But please, don’t go to a beautiful Caribbean island and take a beautiful sunset shot that could be taken over any body of water in the world. Give your photo a sense of place,

Tip: Use a neutral density (ND) filter to control the light from a bright sun ball.

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