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I have been taking photographs most of my life, but several years ago I made a commitment to learn how to take exceptional photos. After attending workshops all over the world to improve my craft, I decided to focus on the town I love, Annapolis, Maryland. I came here in 2001 to learn how to sail. I moved here in 2004, bought a house in Eastport, bought a 40 foot sailboat, and made Annapolis my home. I am now trying to capture the endless, and ever changing, beauty of Annapolis in my photos.

You can see other photos by me at flicr.com.

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John C. Kelly Photographer

Always Searching For The Shot

I love capturing a unique image of an everyday scene. It is especially satisfying to find that special light that makes the ordinary look sublime. Often times a cloud formation provides the drama for an exceptional photograph. Other times, shooting from down low or up high dose the trick. An unexpected angle is always worth a try. In any case, three things are always true:

  1. You have to be out shooting in all conditions,
  2. You have to have the patience to wait for the perfect moment, and
  3. You have to experiment and be willing to try new things.